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We offer competitive lease purchase facilities for all businesses and sole traders for new catering equipment.

Please contact us with your particular requirements and we will be pleased to offer a suitable solution.

Lease Purchasing offers an alternative to using your own working capital whilst still having the benefit of new equipment.

Equipment can be leased from £500 (Ex VAT) upwards

Quick and easy to arrange, usually within 24 hours

Fixed payments for a fixed term, making budgeting easier

Offers a tax-efficient method of acquiring equipment. 100% of payments can be offset against taxable profit

Eases cash-flow

Protection against inflation

Lease Your Catering Equipment Now and Finance Your Equipment over 2, 3, 4 or 5 Years!

We have a 98% Acceptance rate on all leasing customers. Call Now to see if we can help you save money!

Its never been easier to Buy your Catering Equipment using our Leasing Solution

we can generate an instant quotation for you over the phone and let you understand how far your budget can go.

you can borrow anything from £800 to £50,000 and we will do the leg work and shop around for you to find the best deal to suit your circumstances.

The equipment that is being leased is the only security that is generally necessary.

No property is used as security, however, occasionally the finance company may need Directors Guarantees for some Limited Companies.

Leasing allows you to purchase equipment that is important to your business and keep valuable cash in your bank that may be used for other projects that are not as tax efficient

Its never been easier to afford the catering equipment equipment needed to get you started or to grow your business

We have the most competitive leasing rates on catering equipment from the very best lenders in the country giving you piece of mind that you are in safe hands.

Finance can be put in place within a few hours and the goods can be with you in a matter of days.

Leasing Example

Cost of goods £10,000

3 Year lease @ £360.00 per month. (1+35)

Total payable = £360.00 X 36 = £12,960.00.

You pay £19.00 per Week over 3 years in interest.
The Lease is 100% tax deductible so assuming your tax rate is 20%

Your Tax Relief Would be 20% = £2592.00  over the 3 Years giving you 3 years of Finance for only £368


What is lease agreement?

Leasing is basically a rental agreement giving you (the lessee) the right to use an asset owned by the lessor (finance company) for a fixed period of time in return for regular payments (rental payments), and is a tried and trusted method of growing a business without reducing it’s cash flow.

Typically a large deposit is not necessary. You can start your lease with normally either one or three months rentals in advance.

I need to raise some money, can I finance equipment I already own?

Yes, this is known as sale and leaseback – where one party sells a property to a buyer and the buyer immediately leases the property back to the seller. This arrangement allows the initial buyer to make full use of the asset while not having capital tied up in the asset. Leasebacks sometimes provide tax benefits.

My credit isn’t perfect, will I be able to have a lease?

Past credit issues do not necessarily disqualify you from obtaining a lease. The underwriters will consider many factors such as, how long you have been in business, what equipment you are buying and your current business performance.

For example:

* At the end of your lease period the goods are yours

• Continue to lease more equipment or renew some of the equipment with a new lease

Why is leasing cash flow friendly?

Leasing allows you to pay affordable monthly payments and spread the equipment cost over its useful life. Purchase means that you are paying for 3 or 4 years use up front. Would you pay an employee’s salary, 3 years in advance?

Leasing technology equipment makes economic sense. It gives you use of the equipment for as long as it’s useful to you. Rather than paying for three or four year’s use up front, as you do when you buy, you spread the payments over the useful life of the equipment. Also you can expense the payments and you have the flexibility to acquire the latest technology when you need to.

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